We use Artificial Intelligence to detect, analyze and predict the impact of a news on the stock market.

We cracked the life cycle of Financial News.


Detection of hot topics moving the market


Analysis of weak signals from Big Data


Prediction of intra-day market reaction

Unlock the power of Meta-News & take smarter trading decisions

Early reactions






- Be the first to know -
We spot weak signals of anxiety related to news that are gaining momentum.
- Read the crowd -
Let the others be irrational and avoid being tricked by animal spirits.
- Spot the opportunity -
We monitor the speed at which a news spreads and therefore anticipate its virality.
- Don't be a puppet -
By knowing where the information comes from, you can better understand it.
- Feel the crowd -
Emotional analysis will help you read through the minds of other market participants.
- Rig the game -
We will always show you new insights to stay on top of the news.

A proven track-record

We started as a Trading Signal provider company working on Volatility predictions for Option trading - Check our performance.

We then decided to open newspill technology to the public and democratize trading .

newspill is currently in Beta-testing on Facebook Messenger

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