Sysmo's answer to JP Morgan volfefe : Kim Kardashian’s tweets affect the stock market...

Published by newspill Team | 2019-09-20

This week-end JPMorgan Chase & Co. published the “volfefe Index” tracking the impact of Trump’s tweets on US Bonds market volatility :

At Sysmo, we were quite surprised of their findings since we studied the topic when building the “Trump Mood Predictor” a few months ago and did not find strong and/or continuous correlation between Trump’s tweeting habit and market volatility =>

Then, we took a closer look and realized that the report of JP Morgan was highly questionable in terms of methodology. Let’s sum it up this way: JP Morgan only looks at tweets that are followed by a spike in volatility and plot them against the volatility
Tada 🔮
Almost perfect correlation 🎉

We used the same approach as JPM by analyzing one year of Kim Kardashian’s Tweets Vs. S&P 500. You will not believe what we found out...

@ Journalists, Analysts and influencers: Pay attention to what you share - Data Science makes everything looks cool and shiny but by torturing numbers you end up having them telling you what you wanted to hear!

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