Trading Signals

We predict intra-day volatility on the main US stocks and provide trading signals for semi-professionals traders (and ourselves).

NewsPill gives meaning to financial noise by transforming it into an intensity indicator of the intra-day volatility for a given stock.

Internet Chatter

What the market says about a stock has no secret for us since we continuously gather Big Data on social networks, forums, search engines, press etc.

Technical Data

A human eye can be fooled by technical analysis. Our algorithm on the other hand, learning from what worked best in the past, just picks the right angle.

Contextual Data

Only an amateur would look at a stock unilateraly. Our algorithm looks at the big picture by continuously analysing the trading environment.

We provide real-time volatility signals generated by our Machine Learning algorithm built for trading

Trading Community

Feedback is key, so we publish some of our signals through social networks. Follow us on StockTwits to get a glimpse at our latest signals

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Mechanical Alpha Generation

We build realistic trading strategies, first through backtesting and later on (Q3 2019) through our live-trading portfolio.

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