Zoom is set to report earnings for the 1st time since the lockdowns
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Tonight, Zoom will report its fiscal Q1 Earnings ending in April, a moment of truth for the "plague" stock that has seen its valuation tripled since Jan. ($56B) with its shares rising +200% πŸš€

Zoom is the king of the stay-at-home stock and investors have put a lot of hope on its ability to become the leader in video-conferencing amid a generalization of home office πŸ‘‘

The company has seen usage surge, although many people are relying on free versions of the software. Zoom also continues to combat concerns about the security of its platform 🧐

Zoom seems unstoppable, but tonight, all investors' eyes will be on monetization KPIs πŸ’Έ

Extra Insights

Zoom surged by 13% yesterday after anouncing that they will begin rolling out stronger encryption to prevent so-called β€œZoombombing” by uninvited guests to conferences πŸ’ͺ

The enthusiasm around the company is strong enough that a short play seems risky. However, the stock is above every published Wall Street target price and more than $75 above the average target of $121.42 😏

Do you think it can still go up or that results will disappoint investors?

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