U.S.-China tensions are ramping up on multiple dimensions
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U.S.-China tensions are ramping up as if the World needed another trade war ⚔️

As the Coronacrisis draws on, the relationship between the 2 countries keep worsening with each blaming the other about the true extent and origin of the coronavirus outbreak 😷

In the latest move, the U.S. passed legislation that could restrict Chinese companies from raising money from U.S. investors, unless they abide by Washington’s regulatory and audit standards 🧐
The U.S. also warned China of retaliation after China imposed stronger security law over Hong Kong 🔥

How will the Dow Jones, which has been the mirror of this trade war, will react?

Extra Insights

China has been the target of Trump's furor in the past couple of weeks. He has blamed the country for engineering the COVID-19 as well as lying to the international community 🤬

After multiple threats and hostile economic actions towards China, the country still vows to push ahead with ‘phase one’ US trade without any retaliation 🤔

Both countries are deeply suffering from the economic downturn following the pandemic and an escalating "cold war" could be the last drop...

The Dow Jones is still down 14% this year but has been steadily recovering since the end of March amid hopes of economies reopening. Will it last within this highly conflictual context? 💥

What Happened on the market eventually?

No Feedback on this trade.

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