Tesla has asked workers to return to work as soon as this week
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Tesla has asked dozens of workers to return to work at its California vehicle assembly plant on Wednesday, according to internal memos, even though the lockdown is enforced until next Monday at least 🤔

Tesla clashed with the County officials last month over whether its factory was an essential business but was not permitted to remain open.
Since the beginning of the crisis, Elon Musk has been quite vocal that the panic over the pandemic was "dumb" and he seemed eager to resume production of its electric vehicles 🚗

Will the market appreciate the business-first approach of Musk ahead of its Q1 earnings report on Wednesday? 🤑

Extra Insights

Tesla has gained +73% since January, recovering very quickly from the Coronavirus Bear market after revealing a spike in orders for its vehicles in China despite the situation 😎

The favorite stock of Millenials still has 45% upside potential compared to its recent peak in February, but shows unpredictable and aggressive volatility, very much like the personality of its Founder Elon Musk 😇

The earning report on Wednesday might prove once again this last point.

What Happened on the market eventually?

Tesla surged by 10% yesterday. The "cult" stock enjoyed the bold move of Elon Musk even though it's morally questionable...
Tesla eventually cancelled its plans to bring employees back to work. Let's see if the stock moves in negative territory...

Tomorrow's earnings report might burst the bubble or send Tesla to new highs - but for sure it will move 🎢

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28-Apr 08:10 (Eastern Time)

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