Netflix is releasing its highly expected Q1 Earnings today
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Netflix is releasing today its Q1 Earning report and the street is hoping for a blast 💥

The streaming platform has highly benefited from the quarantine effect and was considered as one of the favorite stay-at-home stock with its market value rising by +35% since January 📈

But with great power comes great responsibility... The consensus of market analysts expects an Earning per Share 30% higher than last quarter. The bar is set high, especially considering the newcomer Disney+ and the rising Amazon Prime that might have taken some market shares... 🔥

Will Netflix's house of cards collapse or is it heading for the money heist?

Extra Insights

Netflix had to reduce the quality of its streaming in Europe during the quarantine because it was overloading Europe's broadband capacity. That must give some hints on how much binge-watching we did 😅

On the other hand, investors will be looking at expansion rather than existing customers, especially internationally - with an almost saturated market in the U.S.

Analysts expect the streaming giant to have earned $1.65 per share in the first quarter following the fourth quarter's $1.30 per share. Is it too ambitious?
We'll have the answer tonight after the market closes (4 PM Eastern Time) ⏳

What Happened on the market eventually?

Netflix delivered a big jump in subscribers in the first quarter as people stuck at home sought entertainment (+15M subscribers instead of 7M expected).
The stock initially jumped more than 10% after the announcement and is now set to open negative for yet unclear reasons. The most probable cause being Netflix's warning that the growth might slow down during the rest of the year...

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