The CoronaBear Index

We developed the CoronaBear Index to monitor Anxiety on the Stock-Market resulting from the spread of the Coronavirus.

🌐Anxiety on
Social Networks *

* Chatter activity & negative emotions

Going up compared
to yesterday

📊 Anxiety on
the Stock Market *

* Downward pressure on prices

Going down compared
to yesterday

By extending the Bull Market of 2019 for a selection of stocks deeply impacted by the CoronaVirus, we can witness the deviation from the original trend due to Anxiety

Short Term Prediction of the CoronaBear Index

Based on our deviation model below, the Stock Market is currently being under-optimistic and might correct itself to reflect an improvement of the situation

We trained a deviation model of the CoronaBear Index to track the intensity of the reaction of the market to the CoronaVirus.

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