BPI France awards Sysmo with the "Bourse French Tech" for 30K €

Published by newspill Team | 2019-04-17

       The Bourse French Tech is a grant provided by the French Government to support the maturation/validation of an innovative technology – in other words it buys some time for Entrepreneurs who need to find their market or their business model.

Sysmo has officially signed off with BPI France for a 30K€ support equivalent to a 6 Months R&D program to stabilize our technology and validate our business model.
This financial help will enable us to :

  • Improve the quality of our Machine Learning predictions
  • Setting up a Backtesting and a Live Trading system
  • Implement a scalable end-to-end infrastructure: Data Gathering > Pre-processing > Model Training > Strategy Backtesting > Scoring > Production

Thank you BPI France and see you in 6 months !

More info about the bourse French Tech : https://www.bpifrance.fr/