Sysmo's answer to JP Morgan volfefe : Kim Kardashian’s tweets affect the stock market...

Published by newspill Team | 2019-09-20

This week-end JPMorgan Chase & Co. published the “volfefe Index” tracking the impact of Trump’s tweets on US Bonds market volatility :   + Read more

Sysmo was invited in "Good Morning Business" on BFMTV

Published by newspill Team | 2019-09-06

Our CEO was invited on French National TV this morning to talk about the launch of Sysmo - The 1st News-Trading Assistant making financial markets accessible to all - as well as the Trump Mood Pred......   + Read more

#DATATALK at IronHack : How did we build the Trump Mood Index

Published by newspill Team | 2019-09-02

On Thursday 29TH of August 2019, we were invited at IronHack Paris – a bootcamp institute whose mission is to prepare the next generation o......   + Read more

Trump Mood Index (TMI) : Anticipate bold declarations that could move the market

Published by newspill Team | 2019-07-24

        For the past few months at Sysmo, we’ve been seeking validation of our technology from the Market Finance Ecosystem: Hedge Funds, Banks, Asset Managers, P......   + Read more

Backtesting of our Volatility Trading Strategy on S1 2019

Published by newspill Team | 2019-06-06

       We’ve been building for the past few months an algorithm that can accurately predict the intensity of the price variation of a stock. Based o......   + Read more

BPI France awards Sysmo with the "Bourse French Tech" for 30K €

Published by newspill Team | 2019-04-17

       The Bourse French Tech is a grant provided by the French Government to support the maturation/validation of an innovative technology – in other words it buys some ......   + Read more

Sysmo joins the Fintech Acceleration Program at LeSwave - Paris

Published by newspill Team | 2019-03-18

      After a thorough selection process, Sysmo was selected to be part of the 2019 Fintech Batch of Le Swave’s acceleration program. Located at La Defense - CBD of Paris -......   + Read more